pirat2.jpgWhen I was younger I used to draw quite a lot. As a small kid I would sometimes lie awake late in the evenings with a small notebook and a pencil, copying the cartoons I saw on my wallpaper in the light from my bedside-lamp.

helle.jpgThe interest stayed with me as I grew up to become a teenager, and I produced more than just a few silly comics of questionable quality, along with bad fantasy-like sketches. I also volunteered many of my friends and/or family-members to painfully hold the same pose for hours as I attempted to draw their portraits with my trusted ol’e pencil.

boathouses.jpgFor a while I was thinking about taking what limited drawing ability I had to the next level (whatever that was) and somehow try to make a living from it; people around me certainly seemed to believe that was a path I would/should go down. However, things did not turn out that way, and I quit the art-related studies I started on after only two weeks, getting a generic well-rounded and non-interesting education instead.

Ever since, I’ve only been drawing sporadically, only getting the urge to really sit down and draw something at most a few times per year. Which means that my ability to draw hasn’t evolved much (if at all) since I was, oh, around 15 – nor is it likely that it will  in the foreseeable future.

Still, some of the drawings I’ve done over the years, as well as any new ones that might accidentally fall out from my pencil and onto paper, are/will be posted on these pages for your pleasure/suffering.

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