Ultima Offline eXperiment 3 (2000 – )


Ultima Offline eXperiment 3, or UOX3 for short, is a free, open-source server emulator for Ultima Online, originally created by Marcus Rating.

Below you’ll find some bulletpoints highlighting some of the work I’ve done on this project, as well as some screenshots (at the bottom).


  • Wrote scripts (in C JavaScript) for player skills, interaction with different types of objects, NPC AIs (Ex: Banker, Cowtipping, Stablemaster), etc
  • Wrote GM/Admin-scripts that made life of a server-admin and/or Gamemaster easier, such as “Remote NPC Attack” (to incite NPC to attack a specific target), “Possessing Other Characters” which allowed GMs to take over NPC characters seamlessly, “WorldBuilder – JS Edition” – an ingame tool for admins/GMs to manage their shard more easily, and many additional commands used by shard administrators to manage their shards
  • Designed and scripted a system to enable UOX3 developers and shard admins to create world templates that can be easily stored, distributed with UOX3, shared with others and imported to the server on the fly.
  • Implemented complex player-facing systems in JS, like the housing system. NPCs for hire, dungeon traps, and more.

Server Coding:

  • Contributed with bugfixes and improvements to C/C++ server code for 18+ years
  • Responsible for releasing new versions of UOX3 for 12+ years

Tool Development

  • Created a stand-alone tool called “Xuri’s WorldBuilder”, which allowed world builders/server admins to create custom houses and decorate their world easily, and also provided quick-access to the most common GM commands and server settings

Community Management

  • Moderated UOX3 forums and provided user support for 18+ years
  • Managed Discord community for 3+ years

Web Administration:

  • Web administrator for both official and unofficial UOX3 sites for 18+ years

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