Game Observations #1 – The Walking Dead

(First in what might potentially turn into a series of posts concerning observations made about games I play.)

When I’m not busy ranting about the good old days, I sometimes like to partake in seasonal rituals known to gamers world-wide as “Steam-sales”.

Yesterday, during the (currently ongoing) Steam Autumn Sale, I bought all five episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, having heard much good about the game, but having never really made the time to actually get hold of it and play it. Today, I feel bad for not having bought the game earlier, preferably at full price directly from Telltale Games. I have played through the first three episodes, and so far the game has been worth its weight in virtual gold. Worth every penny. I mean, cent.

What I mean to say is, this game knocked me flat on my back in one swift punch. It doesn’t hold back, at all. From the beginning of the first episode to the end of the third, the game has taken me on an emotional roller coaster-ride alongside a tribe of diverse characters with depth and soul (backed up by superb voice-acting, I should add!). I went from complacency via shocked silence to outrage and/or relief as events took unexpected turns. My spirits were lifted up to the sky before plummeting back down into the tragic depths of despair, before gradually climbing back up to normalcy and restoring a false sense of security in me, which I’m sure will be exploited to the maximum in the next two episodes.

I submit to the Internet at large that Telltale Games have, with this episodic The Walking Dead series, created a game which contains a perfect blend of Dragon’s Lair, classical point’n-click adventure and the mystical X-factor that turn games into art.


Stop the press!

Holy crap, BatmanGuybrush! This is awesome news:

One of the best kept secrets in game development history has been revealed. Telltale Games and LucasArts have put out a joint press-release announcing two brand spanking new Monkey Island-projects. The first one is an episode-based, five-part series by Telltale – Tales of Monkey Island – and the first episode is due out as early as July 7th!! Even better:  Ron Gilbert is/has been involved on this project (snipped quote from Telltale forums: “some design and story brainstorming, consulting, etc.”).

The second project we’ve (the public) known about for awhile already, though more details are available now. It’s a re-make of the original MI-game for both X-Box360 and PC, titled The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. It’ll be out later this summer, and features full voice-over with the original voice-actors from MI3. We’ll also be able to switch between classic & new style in-game at the press of a button. Awesome stuff.

Put on your eyepatches, polish those wooden legs and prepare for a fantastic summer!

Edit: Just realized this almost reads as an advertisement/”press release” in itself. I’m just excited, that’s all. =P

Edit 2: Ron Gilbert has some stuff to say about all of this, plus he’s got some interesting observations and anecdotes (and screenshots) about the original Monkey Island game. Check it out.