Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Heroes (2022-)


Mighty Action Heroes is a third-person battle royale game being developed by Mighty Bear Games as the studio’s first foray into the Web3 space. The theme of the game is centered around action movies and heroes from the 1980s and 1990s, from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema and beyond.

Players can collect action heroes in the form of NFTs, each with their own visual and non-visual traits. These will be interoperable between MAH and future supported MBG games.

As a designer on this project, I was heavily involved in early brainstorming and concepting of both the initial core gameplay features and the surrounding meta game. I was also the principal designer on many of the fundamental gameplay systems and mechanics, like the 3Cs, weapon and shooting mechanics, health and armor systems, hero abilities and more.

Below you’ll find some highlights of the work I’ve done on this project, as well as some screenshots (at the bottom).

Game Design

  • Along with another designer, brainstormed and concepted initial core gameplay systems and mechanics, surrounding meta-game features, before wider team was brought on board.
  • Co-wrote the early roadmap for prototyping phase and early access phase up until launch of the game, which later helped form the basis of the actual production roadmap.
  • Designed framework/core principles of the 3Cs – Character, Controls, Camera.
  • Designed the overall framework and fundamental rules for weapons and the mechanics involved with their usage; collecting, swapping, shooting, reloading.
  • Designed a noise profile system for weapons, which based on the “loudness” of the weapon would display noise indicators at the edge of the player’s screen to inform them of nearby action, a valuable feature in a top-down third-person game with limited visibility beyond what’s immediately visible on the screen.
  • Designed 16 unique abilities usable by players in matches, based on the type of class their selected Hero belong to. Each such Hero gets an ability assigned the moment they are created, chosen at random from a pool of abilities unique to their class. Examples of such abilities: Dodge Roll, Charge, Dash, Flying Kick.
  • Designed ~35 unique gadgets usable by players in matches. These gadgets could be crafted by players as part of the meta-game, or traded with other players, to then be equipped on the player’s selected Hero. Example of such gadget: a grenade that players could throw over obstacles on the map to flush out their opponents.
  • Designed (and prototyped) a system for enterable buildings, and what rules would apply to players who entered those during a match.
  • Designed specs for how health, armor and ammo systems should work.
  • Designed system and flow for choosing where to spawn on the map while on the matchmaking screen, and the follow-up mechanic that let players fine-tune that spawn-location once the proper match started.
  • Assisted with design and setup of AI for the game’s bots, and for the support helicopter.


  • Mentored a design-intern for several months, and gave them guidance on design workflows and process, feedback on design work, had regular follow-up sessions to check on their progress and well-being.
  • Participated in task-triaging after internal playsessions, to help assess the exact nature and importance of each bug filed.
  • Helped run and monitor playtest sessions with external testers brought in to the office to test the game.


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