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The Tavern (2013-2017)

The Tavern is a short-story oriented, event-driven “Socially Multiplayer Online Roguelike-like Roleplaying Game” (or a SMORRPG, for short), set in a pseudo-medieval sword and sorcery-like fantasy world. The game has a split focus between solo adventuring and socializing/interacting with other players in social hubs, aka taverns.

I’ve been developing The Tavern using Unity as an ongoing, part-time project since 2013. Out of necessity, I’ve taken on a lot of different roles while working on this project. From game designer to world builder, from 3D modeler to animator, from sound-engineer to creative director.

Below you’ll find some bulletpoints highlighting some of the work I’ve done on this project, as well as some screenshots (at the bottom).

Game Design

  • Wrote concept document exploring the initial game concept and main features, asking high-level questions about said concept, and discussing the pros and cons of different game engines, platforms, business models etc.
  • Wrote more fleshed out design document as guideline for the initial vision for the game prior to starting prototype development. Defined main feature list, high concepts, target audience, vision statement, scope, platform, etc.
  • Wrote detailed design documents for specific game systems and mechanics
  • Designed and implemented prototype combat simulation to more easily determine optimal progression rate, class balance (PvE), difficulty, etc


  • Rudimentary networking code for server and client which allows login, chat and movement between zones/levels for multiple players
  • Character creation with 80+ sliders for letting players customize their characters
  • Interactive scripts such as doors that can be opened and closed, chairs and benches (or any other object) that can be sat on simply by walking over them (or clicking them)
  • Detect when player enters/exits a building, or different floors in a building, and show/hide appropriate objects based on this
  • Third Person Controller system with support for moving at different speeds from walk to sprint depending on mouse cursor’s distance from character
  • Footstep FX/SFX system that plays appropriate FX and SFX  for each foot individually depending on the material/texture being stepped on, including water splashes in shallow water, dust/sand/snow being kicked up, etc
  • Camera system that smoothly hides objects that obscure the player character from view by applying a custom shader that lets light through but still lets the objects cast shadows
  • Reusable, modular UI system

World Building/Level Design:

  • Two unique  tavern-areas complete with taverns and their immediate surroundings, constructed using Unity Terrain Editor, prototype assets and assets purchased from the Unity asset store
  • Five unique wilderness areas completed, from misty forest to snow-covered canyon, each with a different look and feel 

3D Modeling/Animating:

  • 100+ BlendShapes/ShapeKeys added each to male and female character models using Blender, for use in character customization by players as well as to make NPC design easier
  • Skinning, rigging fixes to male and female character models in Blender


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