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My name is Geir Ove Alnes, and I am a game designer in Singapore at Mighty Bear Games (since 2018), where I’m currently working on a Web3 Battle Royale game called Mighty Action Heroes

From 2008 to 2013 I worked as a designer for the video game developer Funcom, where I was primarily involved in the development of the MMORPG titles Age of Conan (4 1/2 years) and The Secret World (half a year) as an Animation Systems/State-machine designer, particle-effect wizzard (with two ‘z’s), GFX asset management monkey and AI designer/scripter.

Incidentally, I picked up one of my monikers (yes, I have more than one!) – Xoduz – from the title (Exodus) of an old Conan the Barbarian comic I read sometime early in 1997. I’ve been collecting the comics (as released in Norway) since 1996, and it was a happy coincidence for me that my entry into game development should coincide with my interest in Conan!

After leaving Funcom I started my own indie adventure in Norway via Way North Studios, which lasted roughly from 2013 to 2017. Following that, I joined Mighty Bear Games, where I got to cut my teeth on mobile games design working on games like World of Legends, Butter Royale and Best Friends Cafe: Merge Dreams.

About this Website

Anyhow, this weblog/website will contain my personal takes on subjects such as game design, gaming in general, tidbits about books I read, interesting going-ons in the world of massively multi-player online games, and more.

Game development-related projects I’ve worked on (in reverse chronological order):

Game development-related job positions I’ve had (In reverse chronological order):

  • Game Designer at Mighty Bear Games (WoL, MPP, BR, DMM, BFC, MAH, 2018-)
  • Creative Director/Game Designer at Way North Studios (The Tavern, 2013-2017)
  • AI Designer at Funcom (Age of Conan, 2012-2013)
  • Visual Effects Artist at Funcom (The Secret World, 2012)
  • Animation Systems Designer at Funcom (Age of Conan, 2010-2012)
  • BCC Designer at Funcom (Age of Conan, 2008-2010)

Disclaimer: Everything I post on this blog will be my personal thoughts and opinions, and nothing I write will necessarily represent any official views held by my former, current or future employers.

Contact info: xoduz [insert swirly thing here] xoduz [dot] org

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. WTB Norwegian Wood – an UOX-based Ultima Online shard =P

    I randomly stumbled across this page and just had to post ^ =D wonder if you remember me from the long lost days


  2. I don’t know if you remember me. I used to stay in #uox3 @ irc.freenode.com back when you stayed there, but now it seems no one is there.

    By the way, why Xoduz and not Xuri anymore?

    Do you still do UO server development?

  3. Oh lol, just saw this in the “pending” section on comments management. *approves comment* XD

    I remember you :) Xuri was my UO nickname (and by proxy, UOX3). Xoduz was my general gamer nickname before, during and after that.

    I don’t do much UO server development anymore, though the page & forums (and a few users) are still around.

  4. Wow, I found myself stumbling over this again some 6 years after I first found it and made some random comment on one of the posts here. A mere 2 years after I thought I would!

    Congratulations on working in the industry you (presumably) love!

    Four years ago you asked “where,” when I mentioned I’d gotten into the industry, haha! I worked at BioWare (Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Dragon Age: Origins) for 7 years and left a couple years ago to start my own indie project. It’s been an agonizing, stressful adventure but is nearing announcement.

    Good luck on everything. Hope all is well! Still can’t log into Norwegian Wood for some reason… :3 I’ll probably stop by again in a few years. :)

  5. Hey Tarinoc! Long time no see :)

    Ah pretty cool to see other people end up in the game dev industry too! Played SWTOR for a long while. Fun game. Congrats :) And yeah, indie game development is hard work :X Best of luck to you with your project! Let me know when you announce something :)

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