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I’ve now replaced the temporary blog name (“Xoduz’ Blog”) I had earlier, and I feel that the new name reflects accurately what both I and this blog are all about. At first I considered using the original Guru Meditation-error as banner, but the bright red on black graphics didn’t really fit along with the rest of the blog. After long hours of tweaking, cursing and banging on my keyboard angry-german-kid style, I finally came up with a customized version that I think works nicely. Also, thanks to Matt aka Eolirin for continuously giving me feedback on my banner tweaks.

Why this name for the blog? inquiring minds might ask. Call it a tribute to days long gone, if you will. Or the result of a random search on the Internet for catchy phrases, even (the Random Article-link on Wikipedia can keep me going for ages). Here’s a short list of some of the other names I considered, but ultimately rejected:

  • Rational Choice Theory
  • Flabberghastly Ideas
  • No Keyboard Detected
  • Abort, Retry, Fail?
  • Kernel Panic
  • Ford N Series Tractors
  • Does Not Compute
  • 404 File Not Found
  • 206 Partial Content
  • List of rivers of Bulgaria
  • Approximation algorithm

In the end, Guru Meditation was chosen on the grounds that I’m an old Amiga-user and have always been fond of that particular error, which often popped up for no apparent reason while I was trying to play some random game back in the day. It’s also the 12th greatest error message of all time, according to this article.

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