Incoherent ramblings – November Edition

As observant readers might have observed, I am not very good at updating this blog regularly.

Instead of following up a thought like “Hmm… maybe I should update my blog?” by actually updating said blog, my mind immediately leaps off in a random direction, hurling distractions my way one after the other, until the original notion of updating the blog is so deeply buried under layers of “I just have to X first…” that I never get around to it. Nevertheless, from time to time the thought floats back up to the surface, and makes a nuisance of itself until I oblige it by writing another blog-post. Sometimes I get away with only writing drafts, and never actually publishing those posts, but that does not always work.

I figure that this is partly due to my tendency to spend ages writing each post, previewing, rewriting and carefully over-thinking every word in every sentence.  As such, I am contemplating to try posting shorter posts, more often, while forcing myself not to over-think everything. Which is not easy for me; I have read and re-written even these few paragraphs of text multiple times, and often my mind runs itself off course and I have to forcefully steer it back on track before it derails completely. Even now, I have to fight the distractions looming in the back of my mind to keep writing, so I should probably try to wrap this post up before this ends up as yet another unpublished draft.

To give this post slightly more (or less – maybe I’m actually watering the post down by…wait! I’m over-thinking this again, gah!) substance, here’s my TO-DO list of random activities that I have planned for this weekend:

  • Update my blog
  • Continue to further educate myself on C++ programming through
  • Hack in more fixes and updates to UOX3
  • Watch more video-lectures from Brandon Sanderson’s class on Creative Writing
  • Start writing a novel for NaNoWriMo (I’m already ten days late, and my previous attempt at this was all the way back in 2008!)
  • Finish Torchlight II
  • Finish Skyrim
  • Try to catch up on the TV-show Fringe (4 seasons behind)
  • Try to catch up on the TV-show Leverage (1 season behind)
  • Find out what’s inside Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube
  • Update my blog again? Maybe? Maybe.

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