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I’ve been challenged to a duel!

Last Friday I apparently agreed to enter into a “blogging-duel” with a co-worker of mine, Babak Kaveh. This duel only has one rule: Whoever posts the most words related to game-design or game-development over the course of a single month (the deadline is at 14:35 pm on the 20th of March) will win a free […]

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No Keyboard Detected

I’ve now replaced the temporary blog name (“Xoduz’ Blog”) I had earlier, and I feel that the new name reflects accurately what both I and this blog are all about. At first I considered using the original Guru Meditation-error as banner, but the bright red on black graphics didn’t really fit along with the rest of the blog. After long hours of tweaking, cursing and banging on my keyboard angry-german-kid style, I finally came up with a customized version that I think works nicely.

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Huzzah – I’m blogging again!

After having taken a nearly two-year long break from blogging (in English, that is), I’ve finally figured it’s time to get my blogging-hat back on and take this website for another spin around the block. Lots have changed since my previous blogging-period, which lasted from March 2003 until March 2007. For one thing, I moved […]

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