I Would Play It If…

Saw the following meme/game thingy at MMO Gamers and thought I’d jump on the band wagon since I have nothing else to write about at the moment. The goal, according to Bio Break (where this little game originated), is to finish the following statement with a simple response, substituting different games into the sentence:

“I would play [TITLE OF MMORPG] if…”

Here are mine, listed in random order:

  • I would play World of Warcraft if it didn’t require as much time as it does to keep up with my always-raiding friends
  • I would play Ultima Online if I travelled through time back to 1998, or 1999, or 2000, or 2001, or 2002. And maybe 2003.
  • I would play Eve Online if it were more like Elite, and if you could fly seamlessly between space and individual planets
  • I would play the Wheel of Time MMO if it actually gets made and released, no matter the quality of the game itself. I am a WoT fanboy, after all.
  • I would play City of Heroes/Villains if I could only come up with a decent design for a superhero/arch-villain
  • I would play EverQuest 2 if I hadn’t already played a trial version of it, during which I found out that I hated the visual style of the game
  • I would play Runescape if I was 12, or if no other MMO existed
  • I would play Warhammer Online if it didn’t look and feel like a slightly twisted version of World of Warcraft (yes, I see the irony there…)
  • I would play Lineage 2 if not for nightmares of horrible, horrible GRRIIINDIIIiing
  • I would play Lord of the Rings Online if I ever should feel like having a mug of ale in The Prancing Pony
  • I would play Darkfall if I hadn’t already had my fill of getting ganked by random PKers ten years ago – and if it was actually for sale

In other news, round 2 of our (mine and Babak‘s) little blogging contest starts on the 17th/18th of May and will as usual last for one month. We use this as a method to “force” ourselves to put on our blogging hats more often, and hopefully it will lead to a whole bunch of new blog posts from the both of us.