Woho, I be unhacketh

It’s now been a week and a day since I logged in to find my World of Warcraft account hacked, with the gear of my characters sold off to vendors and the gold sent off to some unknown third-party.

Today I logged back in to see if I’d gotten any new responses from Blizzard (last one was basically “We’re investigating; don’t call us, we’ll call you.”, and I can now verify that Blizzard have restored all of my World of Warcraft-characters to their former glory, returning all the gold and gear that was lost in the incident, including stuff that had been taken from the guild bank, and some stuff I hadn’t even realized I was missing.

Thanks, Blizzard – and well done!

In other news, I went haywire on Steam over the Holidays and bought 14 games in total – only being slightly disgruntled at having to paying more for those games than friends in the US, since I have to pay in Euro instead of Dollar (due to Valve deciding Norway should belong to the “Eurozone“.)

3 thoughts on “Woho, I be unhacketh”

  1. One of my friends ended up with 5000 gold on her account due to getting hacked and then having Blizzard revert everything. (They left the ill gotten gains from the hacker)

    And those Steam sales were crazy awesome.

  2. Well, they didn’t revert the gold, they just didn’t delete it. :)
    She got to keep what was on the botted character. Which was a lot.

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